"Recognition of highest quality and traditional production approach"

Chauncey is a socially conscious fashion band. Producing at the source place helps to lower our carbon footprint as well as support local communities.

We are very picky about our fiber. Thats why we source the best pure cashmere available directly from Outer Mongolian plains. The highest quality yarns always come from the harshest climates. Each spring Mongolian goat herders harvest the hardy goat`s cashmere by gently combing their under-fleece in the same manner it has been done for centuries. we work with local knitter who turns yarns into our beautiful soft sweaters.

Soft wool of shetland sheep was awarded rare PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status due to its unique fine quality and traditional production. Our Shetland knitter works in the far north east of Scotland, in the same place and with the same machines his grandfather used since 1929, makes signature Chauncey┬┤s raw, undyed, contemporary designs.

We knit our finest, lightest merino in Italy to produce luxurious dresses and delicate cardigans. Our Italian knitter uses finest yearns to knit as they call it "Soffio di lana" - "breath" of the wool. they pride themselves on impeccable quality with 100% :Made in Italy" guarantee.